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50 People. 50 Stories. I AM ASIAN.

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For so long, Asians have been underrepresented, stereotyped as quiet and meek, and have faced obstacles due to racism as well as parts of our culture.

Today, you can finally hear real stories from around the world, about WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE ASIAN.

Life stories where 50 authors, 50 PEOPLE, from our 140,000+ fans on @AsianAndLoud courageously bare it all to educate the world and to inspire readers like you and I who are going through the same journeys.

50 People. 50 Stories. I AM ASIAN.

Here are just a few topics from our 50 chapters:
Racism & COVID-19
Growing up in a Cult
Coming Out as Gay
Refugee Experiences
Depression & Trauma
NCAA D1 Football Player & Stanford Scholarship
Asian Musicians & Artists
Self-Love & Inspiration
And so many more.

Let's get started.
~ Kevin from Asian & Loud

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50 People. 50 Stories. I AM ASIAN.

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